Week 15 First Impression

I thought it was challenging trying to think through each different type of therapy and rank them since they all have their fair share of pros and cons. But if I were in the position where I was in need of some type of therapy, my first choice would have to be cognitive therapy. Yes, there are many other things that contribute to one needing therapy but the biggest focus for me would be my mindset and attitude. Though it is very difficult and time consuming, I believe that changing someones mindset and how they perceive certain situations can have a big impact on their overall mental health. My second choice behind this would have to be psychodynamic therapy. It isn’t really beneficial to the current feelings that you’re feeling but it gives you a better understanding of where they’re coming from. The therapy that I think comes after this would have to be the humanistic therapy. This one actually is meant to deal with your current feelings but it doesn’t go any deeper than that. I think that this is just basically not dealing with the actual problem and it’s more about the moment and not longterm. This leaves the last spot to the behavioral therapy. Not that there’s anything specifically wrong with it but I personally just don’t think that it’s beneficial whatsoever. It is good that it deals with how you behave due to your mental condition but it doesn’t do anything to attempt to overcome the problem. It’s more like it’s skimming the surface so that you can at least hide what you’re feeling.


One thought on “Week 15 First Impression”

  1. I value your mind over matter mentality, as it really is a huge part of feeling better or overcoming adversity. I always relate it to the self-fufilling prophecy: if I tell myself that I will feel a certain way, then over time, I just genuinely will feel that way. While a positive mindset can be incredibly helpful in dire situations, there is only so much that it can do. I personally would have put cognitive and behavioral higher on the list, because I believe they do much more than described. I don’t view behavioral therapy as “skimming the surface” because it can truly combat self-destructive behaviors, yes in the present, but in a way that can have lasting impacts on someone’s well being.


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