Week 12 First Impression

I’ve always been a very outspoken an opinionated person and I enjoyed taking these tests about things that are controversial. I tried to pick topics that I felt strongly about just to see what my stance actually was according to someone else. I chose to take one on sexuality and one on race. I wasn’t a fan of the sections where you had to use the ‘i’ and ‘e’ keys and match them to the corresponding letters and pictures that would flash on the screen. On top of that, they told you to do it as fast as you could and I thought it was more of a “remember the keys and just click through as fast as you can” test rather than one about my opinion. I am an anxious and jumpy person so when I tried to go fast like they said, I would accidentally click the wrong one. I don’t think they could base my opinion on what keys I clicked and I don’t really see how that contributed to my overall opinion. But I did like the other questions that they asked since they were very straight forward. The results that I got were in the general ball park of my opinion but they weren’t entirely accurate. I think that these tests are both good and bad. A person can take these and get exposed to the content and the different controversial issues but I don’t think that these are very reliable and that people should use these to base all of their beliefs off of.


4 thoughts on “Week 12 First Impression”

  1. I agree with a lot of your post. I also am a very outspoken person about my beliefs and. I enjoy these tests. I also agree with you that the test seemed more on memorizing the keys than the actual meaning and purpose of the “i” and “e” test. I, like you, could not see how that contributed to my views on certain topics. I also do not think that these tests are reliable for basing beliefs off of and are a good source of exposure. I think that in general this test can be beneficial but there are certain aspects of it which cause the results to be skewed as you stated. Where it can be bad is if someone were to take these results which are not completely accurate and base their opinions and attitudes from it. Overall I completely agree with your post and think that it was relatable and very accurate when describing this test.


  2. I like that you chose to take tests on things that you had a strong opinion on. I didn’t know you were able to choose the tests. I was given two at random so I must have done something wrong. The sections with the ‘i’ and ‘e’ keys were pretty difficult. It really felt like my focus was on matching everything correctly rather than making connections between the topics. I think that was the idea of it though. The test is probably looking at unconscious biases that a test like this can somewhat measure. All those mistakes we made while trying to match everything should, in theory, show the biases. It seemed like a weird basis to make the claims it made but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. There was a sort of pattern to things I got wrong and it matched the biases the test said I had. I believe the test is a little more reliable than you think but I also agree that it should not be used as a basis for all of someone’s beliefs and decisions.


  3. I agree with you that these tests are not very reliable and one cannot base all of their beliefs off of their results. I too had difficulty with the tests because of how fast they wanted you to answer, and got extremely nervous while taking them that I would hit the wrong button, which in return, made me hit the wrong button. I in no way agree with my results and I think that my nervousness was a main contributor to getting results I do not agree with. These tests are a good way to test yourself on how fast you can click and how many questions you can get right, but I do not think it should be used to judge a person’s beliefs.


  4. While i may not always be the most outgoing and outspoken person i can relate to how much you enjoy taking these tests. Seeing what someone else’s opinon of you based on your own actions i feel is something people truly enjoy, to seek either gratifications or what have you. I also feel that if we are faced with opposition to our initial opinions of ourselves we tend to reject the validity of the tests. Personality and opinion are something that can be miss interpreted on alot of accounts and it also depends on the questions asked.


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