Week 10 First Impression

Intelligence isn’t really something you can obtain through genetics. Though my parents are very smart people, my intelligence has not come from them but from school. I have had my fair share of teachers who just didn’t really care about everyone personally and how well they were doing in their class. But I’ve also had those teachers who want to see people succeed and will help them accomplish that goal. Each of these teachers have had different teaching styles and some just weren’t the most beneficial for me. For instance I had a very strict and scary English teacher my freshman year of high school. She would always call me and others out in the middle of class and when we didn’t know the answer to something she would wait and keep asking us questions until we got the right answer and basically embarrass us in front of the entire class. Ever since then I have absolutely hated English classes and I don’t try very hard in them. It goes the same way  if you have a great teacher, you’ll look forward to their class and try your hardest because you don’t want to let them down.

Going off of my experience with the English teacher, I think an improvement for all teachers would be not to put students on the spot when they don’t know the answers. Especially if they’re one of the more shy kids in the class like I was. Being comfortable in the classroom is one of the key things that contributes to learning and if the student isn’t comfortable and are on edge that they’re going to be called out, then they won’t learn anything. I think this goes along with the teacher recognizing that every student has a different way of learning and they have to adapt to what will be the most beneficial to everyone.


3 thoughts on “Week 10 First Impression”

  1. I absolutely agree, teachers should put students on the spot like that. It can really effect the student’s opinion on the class, which ultimately effects the student’s performance in the class. Intelligence can come be effected by genetics and the environment. In class we learned that there are multiple theories of intelligence. Intelligence comes from a mixture of genetics and the environment. I believe that environment has a big impact on one’s intelligence. In class, Professor McFarlane mentioned that fact that school systems could have an effect on intelligence level. Social class can also have an effect on intelligence level. The more money you have the more likely you have an increase access to information. With disposable income, one could go to private school with small class sizes. This might make the student feel more comfortable to ask questions, that will result in their getting more access to information. There are many aspects that effect one’s intelligence.


  2. I can see where you’re coming from in saying that intelligence does not come from genetics. There is a lot that you get on your own but like Dr. MacFarlane said in class, a decent amount of your intelligence is actually hereditary. I think teachers have to help you tap into that intelligence. The story about your Freshman year English teacher makes me pretty thankful for the teachers I had. I was also a shy and quiet kid in class and there was nothing I hated more than being put on the spot when I did not know the answer. It happened to me a few times but never as bad as that. I can definitely see why you do not like English class anymore. On the other end, I do the same thing as you. If I like a teacher, I will work harder in that class than in others. In all fairness to teacher who do put people on the spot like that; I think part of the reasoning is to make sure everyone is paying attention. In my experience, sometimes being quiet can be misinterpreted as not paying attention. That’s why I agree with you that teachers need to know their students. Doing that will allow them to do their best to make sure everyone is comfortable.


  3. I agree, while i was never one of the kids that was afraid to be called out it always bothered me that teachers would seek out those who did not want to be called on completely ignoring those of us who offered to answer. Making a student embarrassed or anxious in class is not an effective way to help them learn. setting someone in that state with the threat of embarrassment looming over their head only sets them and yourself up for behavior and dampens the students desire to learn because you (the teacher) have just publicly ridiculed them .

    It works the same for alot of people, if you want to learn & you are in a comfortable environment learning is bound to happen to some degree.


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