Week 9 First Impression

I find it very challenging to balance school with playing a sport which leads to me being very stressed on occasion. I’ve tried to figure out different stress management strategies and I’ve only found a few that actually help me. Often times when I’m very stressed out, I will step back and take a deep breath and then take some time to just sit and listen to music. It doesn’t really matter the genre, any type will help me get my mind off of things. I’ve also found that taking time to do simple things like read and watch movies or hang out with friends helps too. Sometimes even exercising and going on a run will help me clear my head and make me feel better. Though these strategies work for me I want to be able to prevent me from having to use them as much. I tend to procrastinate with my school work which is something I need to improve with. Something I want to start doing though is managing my time and being organized. I think that if I sit down and prioritize what work I need to get done or what tests I need to study for then I won’t have to stress about getting things done at the last minute. Having something like a checklist would help motivate me to keep up with my work. I also have heard that yoga is a very calming and relaxing thing so I’m interested in trying that to see how it helps with my stress.


One thought on “Week 9 First Impression”

  1. I agree that taking a step back and taking a deep breath does help me also when I am stressed. That is a good example of taking a step back to decide whether you are problem focused or emotion focused in the situation. I also love exercising when I’m stressed since I have come to college I have gone from a casual jogger to a religious 5 to 6 days a week 5-mile runner. This is explained by the positive endorphins and distraction technique. Of course, this has taken all semester and chemistry classes stress to build. I also agree that getting organized and is the way to form time management skills. A good planner and sticky notes are what I live by. Yoga is very good also, when I first went I thought this is a waste of my time I just feel like this is stretching, but it forced me to slow down and calm down. I felt so at peace by the end.


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