Week 6 First Impression

I always find it very entertaining to talk about this topic because there’s so many different opinions and reasoning’s behind them. I believe that there’s no question about it when it comes to medical use of marijuana. It benefits so many people who are ill when no other medicine can help them. Its understandable that people believe that the concept of people getting high to make themselves feel better is against moral standards. Making medical use of marijuana illegal is basically denying people treatment and medicine that they need. There’s still the negative effects that it has on your body but I feel like if it’s helping someone with a larger problem than it’s worth it. When it comes to recreational use though, it’s a little tougher to pick a side. People claim that marijuana is a drug that negatively affects your body and impairs your judgement and that if you were to get behind the wheel while under the influence, you put others people at risk. These people are not wrong but if we’re looking at it from this perspective, then alcohol could be classified as a drug as well. They both have the same effects so it doesn’t make sense to have one legal and one illegal. So because of all of this I believe that recreational marijuana should be made legal but there still has to be rules against it like they have for alcohol such as an age limit and laws against being publicly under the influence of it. Quite honestly, there are harder drugs that people could be getting into making marijuana the safest to consume and if it’s easier to get then people might not attempt to try the more dangerous drugs.


One thought on “Week 6 First Impression”

  1. I really like your opinions on this topic, and you bring up a lot of smart points. I completely agree with you when you say that marijuanna use is essentially no different from alcohol. Both are altering substances, just one is illegal. The argument of people driving while under the influence is essentially invalid, as you said, because the same thing can happen with alcohol. There are laws against driving under the influence for a reason. So long as there are age restrictions and limits on when the substance should be used, I agree with your reasoning entirely.


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