Week 5 First Impression

My study habits quite honestly are all over the place and I have yet to find a method that works best for me. I usually spend the day before the exam cramming which I know is not something I should do. But for the last exam I actually starting studying a week or so in advance and I did little sections at a time. Once I remembered and understood something I would move on and try something else. Every so often I would go back to the other topics and quiz myself and the more I got right the more confident I became with the information. For the things I had more difficulty remembering, I would try writing them out a few times or talking out loud and walking myself through everything. I consider these my strengths because I can do different methods and just make the best of it. I think the thing that really helped the most was getting together with someone the day before the test and running over all the content and helping each other through whatever we didn’t understand. When the person I studied with didn’t understand something and I did, I would walk through it which in turn helped me remember it better. As far as my weaknesses go, I have a tendency to get distracted extremely easily when I’m trying to study so next time I think I need to make sure I find a quit space with no technology or people talking. Besides that, I think that if I keep mostly everything the same from studying the first time, I should be able to get good grades on the next exam.



One thought on “Week 5 First Impression”

  1. These are all great strategies for studying! You may know this, but studying is much more effective with the more senses that you use; writing down information while reading it out loud or listening to someone say what you are reading are both ways to combine senses to help you cement the information into your head! Studying with another person is also a great way to do that. I haven’t found a better way to study than to explain concepts to friends who don’t understand it and vice versa. Pretending to teach the subject to someone else is a great way to fully grasp if you understand the concepts or not. Handing your phone to the person you’re studying with, and taking their phone as well, is also a great idea, it’s sometimes the only way I can not look at it. I would give it a try, even though it is difficult!


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