Gen Psych Introduction

My name is Bri Kain and I am currently a senior at Elizabethtown High School. I play on the school’s field hockey team as well as several club teams. I’ve gone to different places inside and outside of Pennsylvania to play and have realized how much I love traveling. As a result, I hope to study abroad when I’m in college. I plan on majoring in physical therapy and minoring in psychology. Outside of school I am usually a very quiet and reserved person but I love getting to know people. I hope that this class will help me step out of my shell and become more comfortable around new people.

I’ve been interested in psychology ever since I took the class that my school offers and I thought that doing dual-enrollment would be the perfect opportunity to learn more as well as get a head start on my college credits. When I think of “psychology” I think of the study of how each person’s mind works and the behaviors we each exhibit.

The three topics that look most interesting to me would have to be Classifying Mental Illnesses, Emotion, and Personality Theory. All three have to do with people as individuals and these topics vary depending on the person. I just find it interesting that we all are very different as far as how we all think and how we act. There are no topics in particular that I don’t look forward to as I find everything about psychology very interesting. But if I had to choose one it would probably have to be the brain on a micro level because I know there’s a lot of components that make up the brain and it’s very difficult to remember everything. Something I want to learn by the end of the semester would have to be how our brains comprehend and process strong emotions.


One thought on “Gen Psych Introduction”

  1. Welcome Bri. Hopefully getting to interact with the other students in the class via the blogs will help you feel more comfortable in class. It can be tough to step into a college class as a high school student, but I’m confident it will be a positive experience for you. If my office hours don’t work with your schedule, I’m happy to make other appointments or connect via some other medium, just let me know. I also enjoy traveling and got to take a class of students to Japan last January for 3 weeks to learn about Eastern vs. Western approaches to mental illness. Psychology has the potential for a lot of travel and international applications, so hopefully you’ll find meaningful ways to blend your interests.


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